Too many decisions…..

Published June 7, 2010 by mamapossum1954

Monday, June 7, 2010…..Today I realized that I’ve got two lives. One is my life at home with my son and my dog. The other is my campus life at IUP. I won’t deny that going back to college at my age was a big decision, and it is difficult when you’ve been out of school as long as I have. However, my freshman year was a total blast!!! I met some great people (students & professors) and made some very dear friends.

I also realized that I don’t like “breaks” whatsoever! Christmas break was bad enough, but summer break is even worse. Pretty pathetic when a person actually misses being on campus and in class. One of my FB friends said “I’m not crazy….I’m a special edition.” I can totally relate to that. To some, I might appear strange, but I’m simply unique. I suppose having been out of the school system for so long, and having had the life experiences I’ve had, has given me a greater appreciation for being in college. Since I’m not straight out of high school, and my parents aren’t paying my tuition, and the fact that I’ve got a goal and am focused makes a big difference.

How was my 1st year of college you might wonder? Didn’t the younger students look at me strangely? Didn’t I feel out of place, awkward? Isn’t it more difficult to learn things as you get older? The answers to these questions will come as I go on with this blog… first attempt at yet another experience. Definitely not a ‘major’ new experience, I guess. My first was going back to school. My second was getting my 1st tattoo (courtesy of mi amiga/mi adopted hija Leanne…without whose support I would not have made it this far).

Today was the first time since finals week that I went to campus and it felt so good to be back, even if it was just to hang out with Leanne and browse the library shelves and walk around. We’ll see what other grains of wisdom I can come up with next time.


2 comments on “Too many decisions…..

  • Way to go, Alicia. This is such a great way to express yourself. And congrats on your tattoo. I gave myself one for my 50th birthday. We are such rebels!!

  • Thanks, Fiona. I used to fancy myself as a writer (in the days of my youth before reality set in). It's difficult to express myself these days. But I hope to impart some spark of wisdom for anyone who might chance to read my ramblings.

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