My Odyssey

Published June 8, 2010 by mamapossum1954

At times I wonder how I reached this point in my life. What made me choose between A and B? What would have been the outcomes if I’d chosen differently? We all try to second guess our choices in each situation. Hindsight is always 20/20. One thing I’m sure of: the choices I’ve made in every situation during my lifetime has landed me where I am today, made me the person I am today. Not all of my choices have been good ones. In fact, alot of them have been truly bad ones; mistakes I sometimes wish I could do over. But life offers no ‘do over’s’, does not come equipped with a ‘rewind’ button. Still, I am certain that each situation I’ve ended up in, through my fault or the fault of others, has helped me to grow, to understand not only myself better but also those around me. It has given me an empathy with others and made me appreciate what I have, even while I rail against the injustices I perceive. We all must make our choices based on what we believe is the best for all parties concerned, even if that choice is the most difficult or irrational one. And we cannot let others influence our beliefs or put roadblocks in front of our dreams. The hardest thing to do is take that first baby step in reaching for the prize, whatever it may be. After that, things get alot easier.


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