Do I Continue This….or Quit?

Published June 11, 2010 by mamapossum1954

It was ‘suggested’ to me the other day that there are way too many blogs on the internet already….and what do I really have to say that anyone will want to read anyway?

After put that same comment on my status update on Facebook, I had alot of feedback about it. And the results were all in my favor. One person, who knows me very well, even guessed who the comment came from (though I did not confirm or deny that).

So, for the present time, I will keep this blog going. I think I have alot to say, if only for my peace of mind and to get things off my chest. It may be of some help to people, or not. My one wish is that I can keep this up throughout my college career….if only to keep me ‘sane.’

That being said, my next entry is going to be about how I came to be on a social network such as Facebook…and my serious lack of internet (even computer) exposure until May of 2003.



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