What a week!!!

Published June 24, 2010 by mamapossum1954

I’ve been meaning to write more, but with the apartment inspections happening (yesterday) there was just too much cleaning to be done!! *sigh* However, Nathan turned out to be a trooper, and we managed to get it all done. I’d forgotten how “nice” this place feels when it’s clean and tidy!

I was just surfing the web….again….since all my FB games are up-to-date – no harvests are ready; no dishes ready to serve; no bears or snakes to clobber; yada yada yada. Actually have a bookmark in my “favorites” for ‘searches’. So I limited myself to just one search…relating to single mother support groups. I figure if that’s the area I’m going into once I graduate from IUP, I’ll find out as much as I can. Of course, I already have been through it…MANY years ago…but things have changed somewhat in the last 19 years. Still, the basics are still the same. I just want to “give back” because of all the tremendous help I received in Australia when I was on my own with no family, no friends, nothing.

I was a co-facilitator of a mother’s group while living in West Heidelberg in Victoria, but I didn’t actually START the group and define what topics we were going to cover. I’ve got absolutely NO idea how to start one. But with the help of the www, I’m pretty sure I’ll find alot of information. TOO much information at times really. And it takes time to sift through it all.

I came to the realization ages ago that I’ve got an addictive personality. It may be genetic – I know my mother used cigarettes and alcohol as a crutch for years. I’ve been down that road. Still struggling with the cigarettes. Beat the alcohol years ago, which is why I don’t drink now. But I also have trouble limiting my time on FB…especially with the games!

Having trouble with the blogger auto save, so better end here for now.


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