Maybe not Murphy’s Law….

Published June 29, 2010 by mamapossum1954

Well, okay, so the apartment manager scares the heck out of me this afternoon while I’m taking my personal belongings out of the van. Then hands me a paper (I had my son read it later since the manager hates me anyway due to our dog…another long story that I might share sometime), and tells me, granite-faced, that I’ll have to get the car off the property by Thursday morning or she’ll have it towed at my expense and then start eviction proceedings. With all the stress of yesterday + not sleeping + lack of $$$ + no vehicle, I end up in tears. Does she care??? Hell, no. As I said, she hates me (and, no, I am NOT paranoid).

Anyway, after the ‘altercation,’ I come inside, talk to my son, then scour the yellow pages. Find a place in Clymer that buys wrecked vehicles….I should (hopefully) get $150 for it. I have to call them tomorrow morning (Wednesday) to make arrangements for them to come out & get it. That’s a small load off my mind. Maybe I can get out of the spin cycle and go to the rinse cycle now.

Then I call the insurance place to cancel my policy. After talking with John (his real name) for quite some time, I decided not to cancel because: when I get another vehicle and get a new policy, I’ll have to start from scratch again (thus losing the nearly 4 years’ benefits of my current policy) which will nearly double the monthly rates. Kudos to Progressive, however. In the years I’ve had the policy, the customer service people have ALWAYS been extremely helpful, courteous, and have gone out of their way for me. Enough said.

Did find out that I’ll have to take the plates off to give back to the DMV and also need to hunt down the title for the scrap people.

So maybe it’s not Murphy’s Law after all. The only ‘fly in the ointment’ is my apartment manager who, as I said previously, really hates me because of the trouble I ’caused’ her over Marky 3 years ago. Actually, the problems were caused by her and her inability to be truthful to her boss in Pittsburgh….but I understand why she lied. Just protecting her job. If I’d done a faux pas like she did, I probably would not have wanted to own up to either & would’ve done everything I could to cover my own a**.


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