Murphy’s Law!

Published June 29, 2010 by mamapossum1954

Here it is Tuesday…pay day (of sorts…if the limited amount of unemployment can be classified as enough to live on for 2 people & 1 dog!) tomorrow (Wednesday).

Unfortunately, yesterday I had a mishap with my mini-van…which I was HOPING would make it until September when I went back to school. However, it didn’t. After all the worrying I’ve done for the past 6 months, being afraid to drive the car further than Sheetz or Walmart (a 5 minute drive each way), the car didn’t break down the way I thought it would. It had been ‘hiccuping’ for month & the mechanic couldn’t find what was wrong. The air filter & fuel filters were changed, as well as the oil….drove pretty well for awhile.

Then it happened. A short trip to the mall & then Sheetz turned out to be a disaster…for me, anyway. I went to the mall to sell some DVDs so I could get some cigarettes to last me until payday. That went fine. Then, driving around the mall parking lot, there was skidding & screeching….and it just stopped! A passing motorist & her mother stopped – yes, Virginia, there are still good samaritans in today’s society! – and drove me to Sheetz & back to the van. I called AAA – thank you, Marcia, for suggesting AAA when I got the van in 2003! – and waited. Looked like the axle was broken, but what do I know about cars????

So, to pass the time, I texted mi amiga Leanne to keep myself occupied until the tow truck arrived. One thing I thank God for was that I did NOT have a panic attack when the ‘accident’ happened. That had been my one big fear. But, as my quasi student counselor at IUP (Jamie’s going for his Master’s & the sessions were extra credit for my psych class) kept telling me (and I kept telling myself), “What’s the worst thing that could happen? You break down and call AAA.”

Leanne and AAA arrived at the same time. The driver said it looked like broken ball joints & when asked a ball park figure for repairs, he said roughly $150. I figured that might be doable in 4 weeks. Leanne & I chatted while he got the van on the flatbed….God, it is SO GOOD to have supportive friends that one has ‘adopted’ as pseudo children (more about that later)!!!

When we got home (the AAA drive, myself & the van), he told that unfortunately it wasn’t only a broken ball joint….get ready for it… was also a broken axle! Well, that being said, I know that there’s no way in Hades I could afford to get all that fixed. So there I am, talking to a couple of neighbors while he unloaded my dear vehicle, trying to figure out how the heck I’m going to get places. Public transport in Indiana, PA leaves alot to be desired. (1) the buses run on an hourly schedule. (2) they don’t go to some of the places you need to go. (3) a 5 minute drive to Walmart on the bus that runs past my apartment complex would take at least 1 transfer and about 2 hours, and that’s just one way!!! Grocery shopping on public transport??? I don’t think so.

Then I have my brain stuck on the spin cycle for hours, to the point that I was still awake around 5 am this morning, never having had my usual afternoon nap (yes, even though I’m a YOUNG 55 year old woman, I sometimes need a nap…plus I’m more of a night person anyway). The bus situation preyed on my mind alot. For one thing, the Blue Route which goes past my place runs once every hour, and the last bus to leave town is at 3:45 pm. No other buses come this way.

Of course, then I’m plagued with the decision of whether or not to pay my car insurance, which is due for direct debit this Friday….already postponed from the 25th due to my pay day. Do I pay it or just cancel the policy? As for the van, do I sell it for scrap, and if so where??? The problem of another vehicle is a huge consideration. Once I get the financial aid refund some time in September, will I be able to find a RELIABLE vehicle (i.e. one that won’t need repairs every 6 months) for under $2000?

That about sums up the first part of my week, people. Just had to vent alittle. More updates as they happen.


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