Published November 17, 2012 by mamapossum1954

It’s been awhile since I last wrote anything here….not sure why. Perhaps procrastination, or laziness, or lack of time….too much college work. Yeah, right. I start things but never finish them, it seems. Anyway, I recently made a new friend – Murphy – and I guess that’s the reason why I’m writing here again. I don’t know that I’ll have that much to say, or even if any of it will be important. But at least I’m making the attempt.

Murphy has inspired me, to be honest. Such a complex, intense, outrageous, caring, honest, empathic, humorous person. Whenever I see Murphy, it brightens my entire day. Even on those days when I’m pissed off, or my back is giving me severe problems, everything seems so much easier. Don’t get me wrong now. This is NOT an intimate relationship….far from it. Nor would it be. Murphy is more than half my age! But we seem to connect on some many levels, at times it’s almost as if, well, I’m not sure. Haven’t quite figured it out yet. Knowing me, I’ll no doubt analyze it until an answer comes to mind. Or maybe not. It’s not important anyway.

Just wanted to write this down so I didn’t forget it. I’ll be writing more later. I really think I need to do this…..for whatever reason. No one will probably read it, and I’m not sure that I’d want anyone to. But there you go. Nearly a college graduate; on the slippery slope to 60 (58 next month); still feeling like a young adult, at least mentally and emotionally. What the hell???


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