Published November 20, 2012 by mamapossum1954

Finally!!! My son got his license!!!! Mind you, I was so thoroughly sick to my stomach, I thought I was going to pass out….or have a panic attack! So while he was gone, I went back & forth from the living room (where my computer is) to the kitchen….did dishes…had a break….stressed….mind going a mile a second….had about 2 or 3 puffs off a cigarette & put it out ‘cos I was too nervous/stressed to even smoke…..Then, when I was nearly done with the dishes (there were quite a few), he walks into the kitchen & I nearly hit the ceiling!! He hadn’t been gone that long, but a lot longer than the other 2 times. Had a serious look on his face….and just shook his head. Deep down, I guess I knew he was pulling my leg….maybe. So he shows me his temporary license.  I can’t tell you how relieved I was!!! Plus, I knew if he failed it again, he’d be devastated even more than the 2nd time. But….it’s all good now. I can call AAA to find out if he needs insurance for me to transfer the truck to him, get him insurance (if need be), transfer the truck, and get it repaired. Oh, and there’s the incentive, too, that we discussed earlier. We’ll wait & see how much the repairs run first. And, of course, there’s the other matter….of a promise I made to someone. We’ll see how that goes as well.  🙂


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