Published November 22, 2012 by mamapossum1954

It doesn’t seem like 2 days ago already. I was SO stressed the day Nathan took his 3rd driving test. And when he came home with his license….man, was I ever relieved! I mean, I could physically feel it!!!! So, he had a beer….and I asked him if I could have one; he said yeah. So I did. The first alcoholic drink I’d had since leaving Melbourne. To be honest, beer was a good call. I HATE the taste of it….so there was no problem with “craving more.”  Anyway, got a really good buzz off it…plus it relieved alot of the excess tension and adrenaline or whatever was still in my system.

Then I go to Walmart yesterday. The place was a mad house naturally. Everyone getting last minute stuff for Thanksgiving (or whatever). I picked up some dog food, groceries, and a phone card for my Tracfone. Well!

I was SO pissed off with Tracfone today. I added the 60 minutes on the website, like I normally do, and everything seemed to go okay. Then, today, there was still only 20 minutes on my phone. So I sent them an email. Waited. Some Asian lady (and, NO, I am NOT racist; she did have very good English) called on the Tracfone, which naturally dwindled my minutes. She said the minutes had been added. I checked after I hung up…STILL NO extra minutes. I waited. Then I sent them another email. And called the 1-888 number in the email. Talked to another Asian lady….more minutes gone. She said they needed to perform some sort of test and could I call back? I said, no, this is the only phone I’ve got….and by then I only had maybe 12 minutes left. I hung up.

Really angry and stressed by this stage.  So much so that it upset Marky, and consequently Nathan told me for upsetting Marky. So I calmed down abit. Then I sent Tracfone ANOTHER email…..this time a long, angry one! After quite awhile, this lady called me (another Asian…surprise, surprise). She told me to call from another phone so they could do the test or whatever. Now I’m down to 9 minutes 80 seconds. So I call from the Assurance phone (which usually has lousy reception…this time it didn’t) and they had me punch in codes & what not. 

Suffice it to say, they gave me double minutes and now I have 284 days left until I have to add more minutes. The last lady I spoke with (another Asian one….named Leslie…I told her what a good job she did & how she was really helpful) solved the problem within minutes.

Now I’ve had my shower and just waiting for Lisa or Tyler to call so we can go over there for Thanksgiving dinner. All in all, not a bad week. Plus I’m getting to that point, as usual, where I’ll want another week off before classes start back up.


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