Published December 1, 2012 by mamapossum1954

Been putting off posting anything since I’ve been sicker than I ever have been. Had my mystery biannual virus from Tuesday night (after getting home from shopping at Walmart with Murphy) until late Thursday. Then I wake up Friday with a severe ear ache, complicated with a semi loss of hearing, and today I still have the “stuffy” ear thingy as well as a rotten chest cough.

Anyway, I’ll post my thoughts about my Mystery Virus later, when I get back from Walmart. For now, it’s one week left of classes — and a shit ton of work I have yet to complete — then Finals Week. Not to mention a mere 13 days before my birthday.

NO! I am NOT celebrating it this year!! Once I hit 50, I have tried to ignore birthdays (tho it IS nice when close friends remember). Now that I’m going to be 58, well…..enough said.  I don’t FEEL 58. At least not mentally or emotionally. Physically is another story. But, then, what the hell DOES 58 feel like???? Is there some sort of formula that tells us how we’re supposed to think, feel, act, dress, talk, etc. at certain ages??? Guess not. No more than every baby born comes with an instruction manual!! I learned that one the hard way!!!! (Still, I didn’t do TOO badly in the parenting department, or so my son tells me.)

On another topic, we are another step closer to have our truck in running order. Nathan got his license on Nov. 20th; then, yesterday, I was on the phone with AAA about insurance & got a great deal.  All that’s left now is getting to AAA to transfer the title and then getting the truck to IF&A for repairs and inspection.

Guess that’s it for right now. Seems like no one is reading my blog. Perhaps that’s a good thing.


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