Murphy’s Law……again!!!!

Published December 7, 2012 by mamapossum1954

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

First it was my back going out for over a week. Okay, I managed that (just). Then it was the Annual/Biannual Mystery Virus….which is SUPPOSED to last for 24-48 hours…..LMAO. Well, as soon as the virus calms down, then the severe ear ache/infection sets in….to the point that, after over a week, I only have about 30% hearing (with my entire head being buried in a bucket of water….at least that’s what it sounds like). As if that’s not enough, then I get the “Cough”. Yes, it DOES deserve a capital “C”!!

Well, THAT lovely addition is STILL hanging around….to the point that I’m sure it progressed to bronchitis. Of course, I don’t know that for a fact since I do not have health insurance of any kind and don’t even have the money to visit a doctor.

I had one class today….which I couldn’t skip since it’s not only with my favorite professor, she is also my adviser AND my internship coordinator. So….being the last official day of MY classes for the semester…and after not having really slept for the past 3 nights from the coughing (I really think my son is worried about me), I trudge into town….walk down to Sheetz for cigarettes (yes, I KNOW smoking only aggravates coughing! Funnily enough, at times, the smoking seems to EASE the coughing.), trudge to campus, wait for the professor near her office….in the meantime, dozing off in the chair….She arrives, I hand her my essay paper for the Self-Assessment Inventory & ask if there’s any way I can miss class.  Sure! No problem! She gives me the handouts from today’s class & tells me to go home & rest and she’ll see me next week.

Now……I also have this infection on my right foot, which makes walking (with or without shoes) extremely painful. Probably due to accidentally scratching  my feet because of dry skin.

So….anything else??? Hell, yes!!! The lovely agency interview paper, roughly 10-12 pages, for my Foundations class (with my professor/advisor/internship coordinator) is due on Monday morning. Due to back problem, the Mystery Virus, Ear Ache, Bronchitis/Pneumonia, hearing loss, etc., not to mention all the stress about the truck & Nathan getting his license (three attempts and 4 payments of $100) & the issue with getting to AAA to transfer the title and then get the truck repaired & inspected….NOT TO MENTION, my dear friend of nearly 50 years aggressively pestering me for the $120 I owe her for when she bought me toilet paper and dog food, etc. before I got my financial aid refund…..when she KNOWS I have absolutely NO INCOME whatsoever but DO have bills (let’s see, rent, internet, electricity…and those are just the monthly ones)….and, of course, the fact that she’s an ultra conservative Christian Republican (note: Protestant Work Ethic; yes, Virginia, you can succeed if you pull yourself up by your boot straps & TRY….even tho the economy sucks, unemployment is high especially for the over 45’s, you have no transport, …..not to mention that the majority of these things relate to the majority of people on “welfare”)………sorry, forgot where I was going with this! Due to all of these things, I never actually called to make appointments to do the two agency interviews (which also entails the people signing a form which has to be turned in with the paper), much less do the interviews…….so basically I’m totally fucked!  AND the paper is worth 150 points (out of 600).

I’m done. Have worn myself out with all my ranting and raving, so I’ll take a break and either watch something on Hulu or play FarmTown or something.


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