Still sick

Published December 11, 2012 by mamapossum1954

Okay, I’m still pretty sick…..hearing is down to about 30%.  Still coughing, but managing to get some sleep at night.  Today is the first of my finals.  Fortunately, it’s Intro to Social Work, and we get to use our notes, and it’s not cumulative.  What I worry about is the finals on Thursday….three of them, back to back to back. Research Methods (cumulative), Environmental Psych (essays), then, finally, Physical Science (also cumulative).  Not looking forward to Thursday at all!!!!

And remind me again why I do not like to ask for help?????? Especially from friends!  I don’t mind giving help, when I can. Asking and receiving help is another thing entirely. Especially when it happens to be a “friend” I’ve known for many years… that knows my situation (financial and otherwise)….who insists on harassing me for a measly $120….as if I’m going to never pay her. She KNOWS I have NO MONEY coming in…..and that I have bills to pay.  If I pay her, then maybe I won’t be able to afford to get the truck fixed.  I’ve already dropped Anthro as one of my winter classes, simply because I can’t afford the textbook.  I’ve got rent, internet, electricity, etc. to pay each month. I won’t get my financial aid refund until late January, early February….out of which comes my textbooks for the spring semester, along with any bills I have.

Okay, ranting over.  Have to get dressed and get to campus. Take my final, then short trip to Walmart. Hopefully we can get a ride tomorrow from Francine to AAA to get the title transfer fixed.


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