Three More Down, One To Go!!

Published December 13, 2012 by mamapossum1954

Guess I made it through the three finals from Hell today.  Pretty sure I totally screwed up the one in Research Methods. Tried to do the one question with a problem, but for some reason the calculator wouldn’t give me a decent answer….kept giving me a number followed by an “E”. Then tried answering the other optional question and couldn’t figure out how to conceptualize and operationalize “texting”…..Just put a note on the first question saying I’d been sick with severe bronchitis for 3 weeks & hadn’t slept (not a lie).

Actually, the multiple choice, true/false, and essay exam in Environmental Psych didn’t seem too bad. Actually I enjoyed the articles (well, one of them I didn’t bother reading since I thought she was only using the Speth ones). Hopefully, I answered the questions to her satisfaction.

As for Physical Science…..wellllll, the less said about that, the better, I say. Totally sucked.

After that, I waited for the Teal bus, texted Murphy, FINALLY got to Wallyworld & spent some quality time with Murphy. Ran into Leanne…..I think she is about as frustrated & disgusted as I am right now.

Apart from all that, I only have the one exam in Foundations tomorrow morning at 10:15 (don’t know why I thought it was at 12:30). I’m going to take the 7:30 or 8:30 bus tomorrow & study in the library until exam time. Shouldn’t take the entire 2 hours since the 3 today didn’t take the full time.

Right now it seems to be freezing in here. This computer is slower than molasses in February….and all I feel like doing is going to bed. It’s only 6:50, though, and if I go to bed now, I’ll be up again around 2 and not go back to sleep. So, maybe I’ll just go & change my clothes, put on my warm robe, and veg out for abit. (Wish I was at Murphy’s right now….at least I’d have some decent company PLUS there’s cable!!)


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