Who Invented Finals Week????

Published December 13, 2012 by mamapossum1954

Just had my computer restart all on its own…..right in the middle of a post. Weird? Yeah.

Went to bed fairly early and read 2 articles for my environmental psychology final. Woke up with heartburn & coughing before 2 am, so figured I might as well stay up….Made a pot of coffee.  Wonder if Murphy’s up right now….

The way I see it, I should stay up. Have to catch the 7:30 bus and walk from the train station stop and hopefully will get to Keith Hall in time for my 8 am Research Methods final. Not looking forward to that (since it’s cumulative). Not really worried about psych. Then there’s physical science. Geez, I wish I’d taken my science requirement earlier in my college career. Maybe I would have spent more time studying. Now I just want it out of the way. At least the final is over at 2:30 and I can come home and study for Foundations. I need to get a good grade on that final, especially since I didn’t turn in the Agency Interview paper. Had I known my back was going to go out for over a week and that I’d get my Mystery Virus followed by a severe case of bronchitis (which is still lingering after 3 weeks….and I still don’t have full hearing), I would have tried to get the darn things done. As it is, I screwed up royally. Hopefully I won’t have to retake the class. That will screw me up even more.

Don’t get me wrong, peeps. I absolutely LOVE college! And I could really see myself becoming a “professional” student & continuing my education forever. But financial aid will only pay for so much. There are so many subjects out there, though, that I’d love to explore.

Anyway, I still need to make my note sheet for science. Fat lot of good it’ll do, but I have to at least try. Be glad when today is over.

On another topic, I have an appointment with Indiana Frame & Axle for the truck to be looked at on the 20th. Hopefully it’ll be done in time for Christmas since we’re supposed to go over to Lisa’s.


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