Published December 15, 2012 by mamapossum1954

All in all, it was a pretty good day.  Of course, I am still sick…..however…..yesterday I caught the 7:30 bus & one of the riders (Dorothy) who lives across the street gave me a little bag with a birthday gift (2 packs of cigarettes).  I was SO surprised!!! Plus, walked from the train station & just made it to class before Dr. Donner at 8 am.  The finals yesterday was gruesome. Enough said.

I woke up this morning (my birthday) around 4:30; came downstairs. Nathan had left a list of stuff to get at Walmart after my final….with a note: “Happy Birthday! I love you. I made a pot of coffee.”  Most people would think “wow, a pot of coffee..not that impressive”….but to me, it meant the world.  It’s the little, seemingly insignificant things that matter the most.

Of course, I was still so sleepy & tired, I ended up going back to bed around 6 & getting up when the alarm went off (I reset it) at 7:30. I quickly got dressed, gave Marky a quick morningly, and off I went (after a cup of coffee). Spent time in the library going over my notes, with a cup of coffee, and talking with Christina (my science lab partner). Went to class, took the final, which wasn’t too awful, and off I went to walmart. Got what I needed, came home…..then Marky started barking furiously. Opened the door to find a balloon tied to the door handle & Marcia’s car in the driveway….no sign of her however. She was hiding. We talked for a few minutes, then I went for a nap.

Really tragic about the shooting in Connecticut at the elementary school. Of course, everyone will be up in arms & demanding that Obama ban firearms. What they don’t realize is that people who do these shootings are mentally ill, for the most part. And of course criminals will still get firearms. And if someone wants to commit murder, they’ll find a way. Banning firearms will do no good, except to take away people’s rights to own guns and go against the Constitution. Knee jerk reactions have very little success.  Look at Prohibition!

Anyway, that was my day. Hope everyone had a good one, in spite of the tragedy. My heart goes out to the families in Connecticut.


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