Christmas Eve 2012

Published December 25, 2012 by mamapossum1954

Here it is another year.  Once again we haven’t put up the Christmas tree….haven’t really put it up since we got Marky. Plus there’s usually nothing to put under the tree anyway. This year is no different. Sucks that I couldn’t afford to get the truck fixed yet!! And we’re still not sure about what we’re doing tomorrow. Haven’t really talked to Murphy for a few days, except to exchange some short emails. Not enough really.  I am so bored that I could scream right now!!! Nothing really on Hulu. I do have some Spanish movies in my queue but can’t hear well enough yet so won’t bother. And I still can’t get over my final grades!!! The “C” in Foundations totally sucks since I know I could’ve done better had I done the agency interviews and the paper….but that’s my own fault (well, plus the fact that I got sick). Still, my GPA is still over 3.0 so I’m not going to complain too much. I really hope to do alot (and I do MEAN “alot”) better during the spring semester. Oh, and I’ve got Humanities Lit during January online, so……


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