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Not Much News….

Published January 15, 2013 by mamapossum1954

….except that I’m sick, yet again…with the same thing I had last month. Fortunately, I still have some of the meds I got from the Dr. so am taking them. The coughing is driving me absolutely insane, hence I am not sleeping well. That puts a toll on my perky frame of mind. Had to go to Walmart today – after the warm weekend with temps in the 60s, today was cold (but at least sunny). Still have no idea when the food stamps will be in and we’re running really low on food. They never posted out a food stamp payment card (I asked Jessica on FB & she didn’t get one either). I did sign up for an email for when the card is credited, but not knowing is the pits. Also been busy with my online class in Humanities Lit. Surprisingly interesting, even tho it’s about “monsters”. The professor (Branscum) is really cool & seems to like all of my discussion points. I still have 4 more to do and then I think we get the final. Don’t know how that’ll go. And it’s 2 weeks until school goes back, so I really need to get my books – which means I’ll have to call the Co Op Store to find out when the financial aid shows up on their computer.