A Late Friday Night

Published July 27, 2013 by mamapossum1954

Just got a text from my son, letting me know he’s working until 11 pm (not 9:30 as the schedule says). So I guess I won’t have to start dinner soon….and he won’t get home until after 11, so not sure if we’ll be able to go to Walmart for some groceries or not. On a positive note, at least it’s more hours for him, which means more in his pay check!

We got new neighbors next door today. Haven’t met them yet, tho I did see the woman. Francine says they’re “weird” – not sure what that means. Time will tell, I guess. As long as they don’t have a dog as well!!!!

Went through some of my books today to see what might be postable on paperbackswap. The rest will go to Goodwill, along with the TV, the DVD player, the rabbit ears, and various items. Really want/need to clean this place out!!!! Of junk, of stuff that won’t be used, or clutter. Hopefully Marcia is coming tomorrow to pick up her tables & stuff from the yard sale that didn’t sell.  And, of course, when I was going thru the books, I thought some of them “might come in handy” in future if I’m working with clients or whatever. But I can’t keep everything!!! It’s driving me nuts!

As I kept telling Karlee, “baby steps”!!


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