Totally Shocked!

Published July 30, 2013 by mamapossum1954

Lately I’ve been immersing myself in Australian TV shows on  Mainly “City Homicide” and “Rush” of course – plus they have characters you really get to care about. Yes, I guess I’ve watched way too much TV in my life! Anyway, I got to thinking about Keith – considering the themes of the 2 shows, that isn’t surprising. And I started searching for info on the Net about it – again. Came across a link to a TV show featuring…yeah, you guessed it….Keith. It was hosted by a Melbourne solicitor….kind of talk show featuring ex-convicts. Blast from the past!!!! Then of course I got to thinking about that letter I wrote to Keith while I still worked for Central Tax. The one I never mailed. The one I now can’t find. And, believe, I tore my room apart not long ago trying to find it. It had photos of Nathan in it too. Anyway, I sent an email to the solicitor asking for information. Then I did more searches. Found a link to a parole board type organization with the corrections dept. & sent them an email as well. Whether I hear back from them or not, I have no idea. I probably didn’t keep the one they sent me the first time….too many years ago.

Keith looked damn good for his age, let me tell you. He was 52, he said, so that must’ve been about 6 years ago. Apparently he is/was in a relationship with someone at the time of the filming of the show. Figures. I KNEW I should’ve mailed that damn letter.

Water under the bridge, I guess. First Dave. Then Graham. Now Keith. I don’t really count Alan because….well, just because.


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