Totally Overwhelmed…..

Published August 2, 2013 by mamapossum1954

At the moment, I am feeling extremely/utterly/totally/overpoweringly overwhelmed!  And, no, that is NOT an exaggeration – even tho (at times) I am prone to slight exaggeration.  After talking on FB with Leanne last night, about my last semester/graduation/what comes after, I’m not sure exactly where to start.  Leanne said the last semester is extremely stressful – not just with classes and graduation, but also with the thought of finding a job and paying back student loans. She said to have a back-up plan …. not sure what my FIRST plan is, let alone a “back-up”!!!

I do know this: there are very few jobs here in Indiana, PA.  I also know that I can’t work retail. Not only because it won’t put my college degree to use; physically and emotionally/mentally, I just can’t do it!  So what are my options?  Move somewhere else?? Of course, that also depends on Nathan. I won’t move away from my son! So that leaves Melbourne out of the equation, I guess (even tho I miss the place more than I can say).

Before Nathan left for work this morning, I asked him what states I should look into. I had just explained to him my conversation on FB with Leanne.  Anyway, at the moment, between Nathan and myself, there are three options:  (1) Florida (and I guess that’s only if Lisa & the kids move there); (2) Texas; and (3) Arizona.  Within these three options, I have to consider, climate and public transportation (since there’s no way we’ll be able to afford a second vehicle).

St. Petersburg, Florida: ocean breezes but hot & humid in the summer; close to Tampa.

Tampa, Florida: same as St. Pete.

Then we come to Texas…..

Dallas, Texas:

Houston, Texas:

And finally there’s Arizona….

I’ve tried to avoid the BIG cities….and focused on ones that have public transportation CLOSE to big cities….

First, Tempe, Arizona…

And, finally, Mesa, Arizona….

(not sure how recent this last one is).

More later…..


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