22 days to go!!!

Published August 4, 2013 by mamapossum1954

The end of the day….Nathan had to work a 7 to 3 shift today, on roughly 2 hours of sleep. The good news is that it’s only 22 more days until classes resume!!! This summer has been one of the worst for me – no one to hang out with, nothing to do (of interest), nowhere to go, a job that I had to give up (for physical reasons)…

I was going through the bags of course materials today that lay in the bottom of my closet, trying to find more textbooks to either put on paperbackswap or give to Goodwill. Managed to find 2! That’s pathetic, in my humble opinion. I’ve got these textbooks and don’t want to give them up!! Like 2 books on statistics! Will I use them? Probably not. Do I need 2 of them, even if I DO use them? Definitely not. Yet I hate to part with them.

I do have 3 boxes of books to give to Goodwill, of course. Stuff that I don’t want/need and no one on paperbackswap wants either. I do have a stack of books that I won’t read again and don’t want to keep that I’ve assigned to my “TBR” (To Be Read) list. Alot of them are other people’s wish list but I don’t want to actually post them until I’ve got the money for mailing bags and postage.

Nathan came home really tired after work, but managed to stay up until roughly 6 pm before going to bed. He’s got a day off tomorrow, so we get to do fun things like deposit money for the rent, mail out a book, take stuff to Goodwill, stop at Walmart for some groceries and (hopefully) stop at Michael’s to look at yarn.

I read need to get my butt in gear & do some things around the house so we can get maintenance to fix the shower – hopefully before I go back to school.


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