Published August 5, 2013 by mamapossum1954

Thanks to my son having the day off today, we got alot accomplished this morning…First, we loaded up the back of the truck with the HUGE old TV, 3 boxes of books, and a box of various items (including the landline phones & the DVD player). Went to Goodwill and dropped the stuff off. Then went to town to the post office to mail out a book (I’ll get a paperbackswap credit as soon as the recipient marks it as received!  YAY!!!). After that, to the mall so Nathan could look at pants and shoes; first to Penney’s, which had very little, then to Sears – he got a pair of light brown trousers for work & plans to go back there (or to Penney’s) for a pair of runners [plans to start running again]. Then it was off to Walmart.

I’d only had one cup of coffee before the soy milk ran out… was not very alert, to be honest. And most of the customers in the store really stressed me out. Ignorant people really annoy the hell out of me. NOT uneducated people, mind you…..Ignorant people who lack common courtesy, common sense and rarely use their brains. Anyway, got the soy milk and Splenda (well, GV brand anyway) and a few other items and went back to the truck. Nathan was smoking the last cigarette but generously gave me the last half of it.

Of course, I’d forgotten he was out of gum….so….had to go back into Walmart to get the gum & 2 cold drinks (by this time, I was extremely tired, very irritable, and very desperate for caffeine and nicotine!). That done, we went to Sheetz for the cigs & then home. I managed to make do with the Diet Pepsi (for caffeine) then had a nap. Made a pot of coffee as soon as I got up.

Been a pretty quiet day really. Nathan did go out for abit, to take Tyler somewhere and then Jake somewhere. I talked to Francine for abit, had to look something up on the internet for her, talked to her abit more, then Nathan was home.

21 days left until school!!! Just wish the professor/PhD student who is teaching 2 of my classes would post her books at the Co-Op Store so I knew what to expect.


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