Published August 6, 2013 by mamapossum1954

I’ve decided tomorrow that I’m going to try (if the quarters are in my favor, that is) to wash all my “winter” coats and jumpers. Not only that; I’m going to (try) going through all my college papers & locate the syllabi for my classes. I know I had one from Social Welfare Policy before I dropped the class. Hopefully, I didn’t throw it out! (Fingers & toes crossed) I also want to go through the rest of the stuff in the living room & sort it out & get my backpack ready for the 26th.

Should think about the birthday dinner for Nathan at Ruby Tuesdays….What day/night it should be on? Only because Nathan gets paid on the 15th & not sure what his schedule is. Hate the thought of him having the pay some of the bill, but the gift card Judi gave me will only go so far….and we can’t JUST go there for Tiramisu!! Well, we could, but….

Marcia posted this article on FB today about a 95 yo man in a nursing home that was killed by police. I’d really, really like to know who the hell called the police in the first place!!! Seems the doctor told the man that if he had this surgery and survived it, he’d no doubt end up on life support. So….questions…..what was the surgery for? who called the police? why did the police send in 5-7 cops, in full riot gear, for an infirm older citizen, a WWII veteran, because the guy refused treatment? what the hell are they teaching police trainees? who made the decision to send in the “swat” team? To be honest, “humanity” thoroughly disgusts me at the moment. where are the DECENT human beings?


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