Feeling Like I’ve Accomplished Something

Published August 7, 2013 by mamapossum1954

Well, just spent the past hour and a half going through all the course materials from all my classes at IUP – all very untidily stuffed into the blue material Walmart carry bags. Gathered all the syllabus from each class together…..Still feeling like I should organize the papers in some way (according to semester and class at least). And I’ve got a couple of bags of textbooks & related books as well – which, unfortunately, will not fit on the bookcase at the moment. Still, I did accomplish one thing I wanted to do!!! And yesterday I got nearly all the dishes done. This morning I put the rent check in an envelope & took it to the office mail slot.

Nathan is working 1 pm till 10 pm today. It’s supposed to storm/rain later on, so I doubt we’ll be going to Walmart when he gets home. We will have to go tomorrow after he gets off since we’re out of sandwiches bags & he’ll need more gum.

I’ve been debating on whether I should go the other blog & copy/paste the entries and put them in here somewhere, somehow. Still learning how to navigate this one however. I could make a separate category for “Prior Entries” or something I guess.

Anyway, might have a short nap in awhile to rest up. Even though I went through all those bags from my closet, my room still doesn’t look like I’ve accomplished anything!!! Definitely need to do more…..like go through that milk crate, the other “box” thing, the filing cabinet. I’m such a pack-rat!! Afraid to throw anything out, even old receipts, in case I need them some day.


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