Wouldn’t you know it!

Published August 7, 2013 by mamapossum1954

Had a short nap earlier; set my alarm for after 7 pm…..but just after 5, Marky woke me up because it was storming. Of course I picked (Nathan will say “we” picked) the one dog who wasn’t barking….Little did we know he was extremely neurotic about thunderstorms!!!

Anyway, went through some papers (and threw some out! 🙂 ) and organized all the syllabi I found (I’m still missing some for some reason). For the last hour or so, I’ve been having chills and feeling ‘crappy’. Sort of like when I get that “mystery virus” once or twice a year. It’s still 2 hours until Nathan gets off work….so I don’t want to go lay down now….I put my bathrobe on – and, of course, later on I’ll get too hot & have to take it off!! 😦

Went to that career website & poked around a few pages (just bookmarked some of them to read later since my concentration isn’t the best at the moment). I guess the next step is to check out the job sites for the states I picked. Really not looking forward to another winter in PA…..but we can’t afford to move yet.


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