Published August 10, 2013 by mamapossum1954

The only thing worse than job hunting…..is…..trying to do a job search in a different state! Not knowing the areas, and not having a degree (as yet). Pain in the ass! And there are so many different job titles in the areas where I want to work. How the heck to do a job search in a different state under those situations is messing with my mind. Nearly to the point of being discouraged. I could just wait until school goes back in 16 days and ask Dr. Hysock or Dr. Bonach for some input. But…..I want to have some general idea of what I’m looking for and where to look for it!

One thing that is really annoying is my lack of knowledge of the Spanish language. I wish I’d taken the time to actually learn to converse in spanish, rather than just doing enough (and struggling) to pass the classes. I wonder if it would be a good idea to talk to Profe????


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