Still awake…. :(

Published August 10, 2013 by mamapossum1954

Still awake at 8:59 pm. Tried to nap earlier, but it just wasn’t happening. Just took out some trash from my room & made a small start on the bathroom with some pre-moistened wipes. With those thin gloves, it wasn’t easy. I really need some sponges. Might ask Nathan when he gets home tonight (IF I am still awake, that is). The wipes were good, tho, since you can just throw them out & don’t need to rinse them out. I’d hate to clog up the sink after rinsing a sponge. They’re good for “big” dirt however.

This has made me determined NEVER to let things get this awful again. Nathan would scoff if I said it to him….and rightly so. Past experience would point to the dysfunction of my mother’s genes (that has GOT to be where it comes from….tho Dad was a ‘hoarder’ on his side) and my inability, or procrastination, to take care of decent housework. Or it could just be a case of conditional learning. I saw Mom do it that way, so I did it that way; and now my son does it that way.

I AM DETERMINED however! Once this place is clean, clean, CLEAN, it is going to stay that way!!!! Wiping things up once a day or every other day and vacuuming once a week is the ONLY way it’s going to remain clean, neat, and tidy. And, dear God, please, PLEASE help me to do this.


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