Latest Update: 9:02 pm

Published August 11, 2013 by mamapossum1954

Okay…..the kitchen and bathroom floors are mopped….as well as I could do them. I’m sweating so much that it’s running into my eyes and stinging the hell out of them. But I’ve accomplished quite a bit. Still have to wipe down my desk yet. Also did Marky’s bowl and rinsed out a soda bottle so I can put water in it. Haven’t picked up the stuff on the living room floor yet, but Nathan doesn’t get off work for another hour…..and I’ve only got 1 cigarette left. Have to check if the laundromat is still open; maybe one day next week we can go & get all the laundry done – which would really be great. Most of the towels are in Nathan’s room, and I’ve got at least 2 and a half loads. Not sure which of the items in the other basket are useful for him. It would be so nice to catch up on everything, including my bedding, before school goes back…..and there’s only 14 more days to do it in. I’ve still got to get the dishes out of Nathan’s room and he’s got to clean his room up and rearrange the furniture in case the window people need to get inside (which I am praying will NOT be necessary).


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