New Update: 7:53 pm

Published August 11, 2013 by mamapossum1954

Kitchen counters (except the one near the fridge) are done; my dirty clothes are sorted (looks to be about 2-3 loads wash & I don’t know how many dry); top of computer desk is (more or less) cleaned off; desk upstairs is cleaned off (except for a wipe down). The rest of the laundry is Nathan’s…and I’m thinking most of it is now too small for him, although some of it might still fit – so I’ll have to ask him. Still need to take the trash out of my room (it’s in 3 boxes), pick up the stuff on the living room floor, clean off my chair, wipe down the end tables, and mop the kitchen & bathroom floors. Oh, yes, and the dreaded crock pot! Taking another break for a bit before I try to sweep the bathroom and then mop it. Then I’ll wash Marky’s bowl & finish sweeping the kitchen and then mop it as well. If nothing else, we should be able to get Randy in to fix the shower and the bathroom faucets (which have been leaking forever!!


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