Another Day

Published August 12, 2013 by mamapossum1954

In the end, I managed to get everything done I’d planned. Ended up with my knees and lower back really hurting. We chatted for awhile when my son got home last night, then he went on the computer for awhile. Later we went to Sheetz for smokes and then to Walmart for socks and some food. I could even be bothered making myself a sandwich and went to bed. Couldn’t sleep again so came downstairs for something to eat and a cig. Just after 2 am I managed to fall asleep until a severe leg cramp woke me up half an hour ago (before the alarm went off!).

I am SO friggin tired!!!! And annoyed as hell that I had to throw the crock pot out. Yeah, me and my stupidity. But I won’t be doing that again (this, coming from someone who has habitually thrown stuff out for years when the “going gets tough”).

Another thing that annoyed me was that Nathan didn’t say one darn thing about how much cleaning I did yesterday. Some acknowledgement would have been nice. Oh, I know, he works hard at his job. And it’s not like he’s been doing this for years. It’s still all new to him. But he used to at least acknowledge my efforts at cleaning – since it’s such a few and far between event. Oh, well, too bad, so sad.


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