Just waiting……

Published August 12, 2013 by mamapossum1954

After only 3+ hours of sleep, I went for a nap after Nathan left this morning. Got up shortly after 1 pm. I just stole all the dishes from N’s room, which I’ll do shortly. Still p.o.’d about the crock pot…..and adamant it will never happen again. Should wipe down the base of the commode, but got a severe talking to from N last night re my use of the wipes. 😦  Anyway, not sure if I’ll get to the dog hair on the stairs or not. Not sure if my back is up to it, to be honest.

3 more days and N turns 22. It’s payday for him, and he works a late shift, so we won’t be going out to Ruby Tuesday’s. And he doesn’t have any days off until the middle of next week.

I’m trying to figure out how the heck to transport all the laundry to the laundromat in the truck. Can’t put the baskets in the bed ‘cos they’d fall over, or blow away. They won’t fit in the “back seat” either. I could put it all in garbage bags and put the bags in the bed. However, once they’re clean and in the baskets, we’ve got the same problem. But it’s much cheaper (not to mention faster) to do the laundry (especially the drying) at the laundromat. I’ll have to discuss it with Nathan once he gets home….or tomorrow, since he’s got the day off. I really need to get this laundry, including my bedding, done before classes resume. Doing it all here is time consuming….and extremely expensive since 2 of the driers don’t work well.

I suppose I could ask Marcia if I could do it at her place….It would give us some quality time to spend together. But I’m not sure of Dan’s schedule or what her plans are. Really wishing I still had the van….well, when it was working, that is. It was perfect to take laundry to the laundromat!!!


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