Published August 12, 2013 by mamapossum1954

First of all, the professor/PhD student of 2 of fall classes STILL has not ordered/posted any textbooks for those classes.

Secondly, my dear son left for work at 8:25 this morning….nearly forgetting his car keys and lunch (I had to remind as he was walking out the door). Poor guy! Working until 10 pm, then chilling, then a trip to Walmart & taking Marky on his nightly….No wonder his brain was “out there” somewhere!!!

While Nathan was in the shower, I had an odd experience. My eyes have sort of bothered me off & on at random times…..but this time I sat at the computer (where I’m ALWAYS sitting, even if the computer is off) and my eyes suddenly refused to focus. Went on for over 5 minutes. I tried resting my eyes, closing my eyes, trying to refocus my eyes (you know, how you can “relax” your eyes at any time and you start seeing double?). Almost felt like my eyes were not in sync or something…..and like one was……you know how in movies or ads or things where people’s eyes start rolling around but not in sync with each other?? Well, that’s what my eyes felt like – even though I’m sure they were NOT rolling around like that.

Took my glasses off & just relaxed and it finally went away. But … weird!

Update on the cleaning…Just took out the boxes of trash/clutter from my room and one of the garbage bags in the kitchen. Still have the dog food bag which is full of papers and the other kitchen bag, not to mention a few items in the living room and my small closet. And I also have to “steal” the dishes from Nathan’s room and wash them some time today (before he gets home. I might try to clean out the fridge of out-of-date stuff and rummage thru the drawer of the microwave cabinet and see if there are any out-of-date items on the pantry shelves. Plus I might try to pick up the dog hair on the stairs. It will make it easier and less of a shock to the vacuum later on.

So those are the updates so far. Nathan still hadn’t mentioned anything about my cleaning endeavors after his shower & before he left for work. Annoys me – especially since the state of the kitchen and the bathroom were so much in contrast to how they are now. Anyway, poor kid has to do HIS room tonight!! At least I made it easier for him; he is usually the one who does the bathroom (well, I might leave the toilet bowl for him) and all the vacuuming as well as his room and the trash. THIS time, he only has a fraction of that to do. Of course, it really stuffed up my lower back in a major way, not to mention the pain in my knees….At least I did most of it. Pat on the back to me!!! 😛


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