Still half asleep

Published August 14, 2013 by mamapossum1954

Just woke up – it’s only 10:09 am – & I’m on my 1st cup of coffee. For some reason, I didn’t sleep well last night. We’d gone to Walmart around 12:30 to get some groceries; I saw Lisa there with Tyler & Randi Leigh and talked them for awhile; came home & had a coffee and something to eat. (Before you say anything, coffee does NOT keep me awake, so it isn’t that!) Anyway, I was still awake after 4 am. Woke up several times. I think Nathan fell asleep before me, so hopefully he’ll be up before too long.

I finally mentioned the cleaning to him when we got home. He HAD noticed, of course, but what with working hard all day & everything, felt he didn’t really need to say anything. I know he’s right…..but I just wish he’d acknowledged my efforts. I mean, yeah, I know I’m a lousy housekeeper….coming from a dysfunctional family where major cleaning only got done when we got company, I guess that set the standard for my behavior. And whenever I’ve had to do major cleaning – usually when there is an inspection or something – I vow never to let it get that bad again….and I always fail with my attempts to keep things neat, tidy, and whatever.

Nathan still hasn’t done his room, but he’ll have to do it today since he works tomorrow. And we’ve got to try to run the vacuum today. So far, the window people haven’t shown up and I’m not sure when they’ll descend upon the apartments….and we really DO have to get the maintenance guy to fix the shower and the faucets in the bathroom. It’s ludicrous to take a shower all the time using a damn plastic cup!!!!

The weather outside looks like we’re in for rain (at least!) some time today. And I know I’ll need to wash Nathan’s work clothes when he gets up later. Wouldn’t mind so much if it wasn’t such as long walk to the laundry room. And we’re going to need to go to Sheetz to get smokes when he gets up. I’d drive myself up but am afraid what will happen if I have another episode with my eyes. Bad enough when I’m sitting at the computer – never mind driving the darn truck!

11 more days until classes resume! No books from my one professor have been listed yet, and she hasn’t replied to my emails yet either. She may be on vacation & unable to access her IUP emails – so I am trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. I was really looking forward to taking these 2 classes (Contemporary Social Problems and Sociology of the Family) but fear I may have made a nuisance of myself with this professor. And it’s too late to change my schedule; not to mention the fact that there are no suitable classes left open.


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