End of the Day/Beginning of a New One

Published August 15, 2013 by mamapossum1954

I will be so very glad when classes resume on the 26th!!! This summer has been such an ordeal. Well, right now it’s pretty chilly, and we just got back from a Sheetz run for cigs. N finally did his room not long ago. I took out some trash. Wondering how this semester is going to go since I don’t have my meds. Yeah, I suppose I could try to to get to the CAO to fill out a form applying for Medicaid….only so they can turn me down so I’ll have a denial letter…that way I can apply for WeCare – but not sure if they take into consideration income for everyone. If so, then I….no, even with what N is making right now, we’d still be under the limit & I’d be able to get it 100%.

It’s really irking me that Nathan is having to pay all the bills. Okay, I let it slide until recently….the fact that he quit school at 16 and didn’t get a job (so it’s been, what, nearly 6 years?). Still, what kind of mother does that make me, having my son pay all the bills?

I’m in a real funk right now….kind of depressed, kind of in a “limbo” sort of mood. Desperately trying not to burst into tears at the drop of a hat (damn those meds….you take them to control a panic disorder, then, when you run out of them & haven’t had them for awhile, you end up with severe depression!….and THIS from an anti-depressant!!!!!! Ironic? Oxymoron? All of the above?

Oh, well, enough for now. I should go & try to get some sleep. I’ve got to do his laundry in the morning…hell, it already IS morning!


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