Moving along slowly…..

Published August 16, 2013 by mamapossum1954

One+ loads of my clothes washed, dried and put away. Still need to do winter coats and the other load and my bedding.

FINALLY heard from my one professor!!! 🙂  She gave me the titles & authors of the 2 textbooks – which STILL are not listed on the store website. But….at least I know what they are.

N just got up (11:40 am). He works till 11 tonight, then has a 10 am til 7 pm shift tomorrow….poor thing…..I am so proud of him though. He really “manned up” once we ran out of money. I know it was a case of he HAD to get a job (there ARE, however, some jobs he won’t or would rather not do….namely, working with the public – such as cashier, waiter, etc) but he’s taken to it like a duck to water. Not saying he enjoys working, and the job is hard work; but he’s dedicated…AND somehow he obtained a tremendously strong work ethic. Could be genetic since both of my parents, and myself, were devoted to their jobs & doing the best they could & giving 110%. At least I can say he’s not a “dole bludger”.


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