One More Week (I really need a social life!)

Published August 17, 2013 by mamapossum1954

It’s one week to go. Finally heard from my one professor; then got an email today from another prof…..only need 3 books instead of 4 for her class. Went to the Co-Op Store website to look up the books……I’ll be paying $491.45 for new books OR $284.75 for used books; or somewhere in between, depending on whether they have a mixture of books.

Nathan texted me during his lunch break today (he’s working 10 till 7 & I was up at 6:30 to do his laundry). Seems they offered him an “inside” job…..which he turned down. His reasoning was that it’s less shitty working outside….AND….with the inside job, it’s 7 am til 4 pm every shift! I can see his point on the latter reason (although I’m sure he would get used to it). Just wondering what the job is…what department, that is. I’ll have to wait until he gets home before I find out.

I so need a “real” life!!! For the past 4+ years, my entire world has revolved around IUP and semesters and classes. Breaks were the pits…and I inevitably went through stages during the breaks. The first stage was: I don’t want to go on break! This lasted the first third to half of the break. The second stage was: When does school go back??? That could last anywhere from the day after classes end until roughly the weekend before classes go back. The third and final stage is, of course: I wish we had another week/month/2 months!! That’s the shortest stage. During the first 2 stages, the only things I do are go to Walmart for groceries, do laundry, read, surf the internet, yadayadayada….The first couple of years, I did manage to spend some time with Leanne during the breaks. But we had that falling out or whatever the hell it was, and…..This particular summer break has been the pits! Not only did I start and resign a job within a week or so, but Nathan started working – so I’m on my own virtually all the time (when he’s home, he’s on the computer in his room & I’m downstairs on mine or else taking a nap). My time is spent doing laundry, making his lunch (neither of which I mind, by the way!), surfing the internet, reading, etc. And with no meds and my anxiety in overdrive, my concentration is at an all time low! I start watching an episode of one of my shows on and sometimes just close the tab because I can’t concentrate.

Recently I tried accessing the Indiana Gazette online to see what jobs are available….and that part of the website won’t come up. I don’t know if there’s a web problem or if they’ve changed their policy of allowing free reading. I guess if it was the latter, a box would come up asking for subscriber details or whatever.

Well, it’s nearly 6 pm. I should go have a shower and then start on dinner. Nathan should be home some time after 7. After dinner, we’ll have to go Walmart for more groceries. Also, Nathan might be driving me to pick up my books on Tuesday or Wednesday. I told him I could do it on Monday, but he said he’d drive me. Plus I have to call the bookstore to make sure the financial aid is in the system.


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