At least I know when

Published August 19, 2013 by mamapossum1954

They finished block 6 (except for one upstairs window….and I don’t know what that’s about). Francine called me later and said to read the note on my door – didn’t even know there was one! Anyway, they’re doing block 5 tomorrow and our block on Wednesday. 3 gets done on Thurs. and 2 on Friday. Block 1 is next Monday. So… least Nathan will be home when they come to do our windows. And we have tomorrow free for him to take me to get my books and perhaps he can get himself another pair of pants at the mall as well. Was wondering if there’s any chance of my getting a hair cut before Monday. Could probably call & see if the guy who did my hair the last time has any openings and at what time…..and I could see if Nathan could drop me off on his way to work and take the bus home. Well, we’ll see.


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