Not Sure When….

Published August 19, 2013 by mamapossum1954

…..the window guys are doing block 6, and have been since after 8 am. When Nathan left for work at 11:20, they were still down there. Francine, Bob & I were talking to them; I mentioned it would nice if they didn’t do ours until Tues. or Wed. Of course, Francine is off today and doesn’t get home until after 2 tomorrow and the next day & told them she’s going away on the 30th…..I seriously doubt it’s going to take them that long to do the front windows in 6 buildings!! Cindy showed up while we were watching the window guys & I mentioned to her about Nathan being off those 2 days. Nathan was walking Marky and overheard Francine say to me, “Well, why can’t you hold Marky??” He was NOT impressed! Anyway, I COULD have Marky on the leash…but they seem to be taking at least an hour, maybe more, to do one apartment….and I don’t want them to be upstairs by themselves without being able to check on them. I don’t know where Nathan keeps his money, after all. NOT that they’d go snooping around…but you never know.

Not sure if Cindy got the paperwork back from IUP yet – she hadn’t checked her mail when we talked to her. I know the money is in the system since the store website says payment can be made with financial aid, so……

I guess we’ll see what happens.


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