Some Errands Completed

Published August 20, 2013 by mamapossum1954

We went out early this afternoon. I was quite surprised at how empty the Hub parking lot was, for starters. And there were very few customers at the Co-Op Store as well. I went to pick out my books….and most of the shelves for SOC were empty!!!! I managed to get the textbook for Social Welfare Policy (Dr. B’s class) and one of the textbooks for Race & Ethnicity. The others are on order. They said to call back on Thursday to see if they’re in. And of course I picked up a new IUP diary.

We deposited money for the bills, then headed to the mall for my son to get another pair of trousers at Sears. A quick stop at Sheetz for cigs and it was home again.

Not much in the mail today, and I’m not sure if they’ve finished with Block 5. We’ve still got to take out trash and do the dishes. Fortunately, the window guys don’t start at the crack of dawn….more like after 8 am.

Really disappointed they didn’t have all my textbooks….but it’s not the first time it’s happened.

Oh, and had a lovely conversation with Tammy, the lady with the birds in Block 3.


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