Last Day of Freedom!

Published August 25, 2013 by mamapossum1954

Yes, this is my last free day before classes resume tomorrow. Am I sitting here wishing I had another one or two weeks off (which is what has normally happened over the past 4 years)? If I’m totally honest with myself, I’d have to admit that, yes, a small part of me, a very minute part of me, wouldn’t mind another week or so to catch up on laundry, cleaning, Farmtown, etc. Yet, a large part of me is really looking forward to tomorrow. I NEED this! On a basic level, college is what defines me, what makes me who I am, what makes me content. I LOVE being on campus, going to class, learning new things, absorbing the atmosphere of IUP, going for coffee at Java City, seeing all the people I’ve grown to know and care about over the past 4 years.

What happens after graduation in December is anybody’s guess. Yes, I can sit the state civil service test and hope, pray, that some agency in Indiana wants to interview me and hire me. Yes, I can send out my resume and cover letter to various agencies in Indiana and hope, pray, that any of them want to interview and hire me. Unfortunately, Indiana is a college town and jobs are scarce….Jobs I can actually do, that is. Jobs I’m good at or would be good at. I’m not afraid of hard work or of learning new things. But I also know my capabilities AND my limitations.

On another level, there is the possibility of graduate school. In that area, my options are limited. Yes, there are a lot of grad schools out there that might accept me. On the minus side is location. It costs money to relocate. Money we don’t have at the present time.

But graduate school options are something I can’t think about until I talk with Dr. H – hopefully some time this week. If there is a possibility of my sitting (AND passing) the GRE exams…AND if there’s a possibility of my being accepted (basically I’m looking at grad school at IUP right now)…..AND if there’s a possibility of my getting financial aid….AND if there’s a possibility of a bonus like an assistantship…..well, I’ll consider it. I mean, I’m really good at being a student, and a Bachelor’s degree only gets you so far today. On the other hand, a Master’s degree would get me even further. Of course, ideally it would be nice to get a part time job at one of the agencies AND go to grad school (since most of the classes are in the evening).

Anyway, I can’t make any decisions just yet. Just wait and see…..and enjoy the routine of being back in my element.


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