First day over…..

Published August 26, 2013 by mamapossum1954

It felt surreal today. I was so glad to be back on campus. Got most of my textbooks at the bookstore (my son drove me to IUP & dropped me off), then had a coffee at Java City and said hi to Mary. Walked over to Keith early and ran into Dr. H. It feels so “off” somehow – partly because, for the first time in a long time, I don’t have any classes with Dr. H.

The new professor, Dr. Sandhoff, seems really nice. She’s from Maryland, kind of my old stomping ground – tho I think she was at Univ. of MD in Baltimore (?) not College Park. After class, I walked with Dr. H to her office and asked lots of questions about the grad program. After getting her input, she suggested I talk with Dr. Shinberg since she’s kind of head of the Sociology Masters Program to get more relevant info. I’ll wait & talk to her next week.

I’m so antsy, though! Once I decide something, I like to get all my ducks lined up in a row so I know where I’m at. Also talked to Dr. Sandhoff before the 2nd class about theses and grad school and thesis committees, etc. She gave me some good info.

So….Do I want to go to grad school at IUP? Or do I want to try to go somewhere else where they also have assistantships and such, where there might be more professors whose expertise lies in my topic? Really tough decision. I hate being out of my comfort zone, firstly. Also, I don’t have any money to relocate. Also, there are professors here at IUP who know me and what I’m passionate about. I might try to talk to Dr. B tomorrow before or after class to see what she thinks.

Anyway, tomorrow are the first of my other 2 classes. Love the first 2 days since they’re mainly just going over the syllabus and no major work to do. So that’s that for now.



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