“Murphy’s Law” – AGAIN!!!!

Published August 28, 2013 by mamapossum1954

This week started out so great! My son was off Mon. & Tues. so he drove me to school the first day. We got our shower fixed last night (Tues.). I took the bus to school this morning, in a torrential downpour – which did absolutely nothing to elevate my mood!

As if the rotten soggy weather wasn’t enough, we had a major (tho short-ish) thunderstorm last night and the beast woke me up around 2:30 am (I had maybe an hour’s sleep at this point). But then….well, I thought at the time it was a good thing…the printer came back on. So I thought, ‘Wow, I won’t have to buy a new one.’

Then my dear friend Karlee did NOT show up either this morning or during the break, so I don’t know where she is.

The highpoint (lowpoint?) came at 10:24 am this morning. The phone rings. It’s my son. The truck won’t stay started. Apparently it was fine when he was with Ty last night. He goes to the truck to leave for work this morning, turns it on, takes his foot off the gas pedal, and the darn things shuts off. Tried several times. So…..I tell him to call AAA. I also tell him to call work to let them know. He tries to call a friend for a lift to work – you have to remember that he hasn’t missed ANY days up to this point & it’s practically killing him to call off – but can’t get through to them.

So…..now I’m panicking all day, since I won’t get my fin. aid refund until Sept. 9th or 10th, and he doesn’t get paid until Thursday. We don’t know what’s wrong with the truck. Taking the bus is NOT an option for most of his shifts since there IS NO BUS at those times.

It’s raining all day….then just after lunch time, it starts storming….so now I’m worried about the beast going neurotic again. And not knowing if the son made it to work.

Update: I just threw a curve ball to “Murphy’s Law”…..We called Lisa and my son gave me gas $ so she could take me up to get cigs. AND she’s going to drive him to work tomorrow and pick him up. So, take that!!!


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