Published August 28, 2013 by mamapossum1954

Well, the first 2 days of classes are over. Basically the easiest of all days since the professors only go over the syllabi. I like the new professor (who, I thought at first was a PhD student but is actually a professor). Her classes should be interesting – tho I could do with less “discussion” and interaction. Dr. Hildebrandt’s Race & Ethnicity class is going to be cool. We have a mixed class – perhaps 50/50 black and white but also some Philipinos (sp?) and Hispanics. At least it should be a hell of alot easier than her social theory class!!!! As for Dr. B’s Social Welfare Policy class… usual I am going to love her class, especially with this content.

Yesterday I bought one book that we need for social problems (Nickel and Dimed, which I’d already read but didn’t have a copy of) and one of the GRE study boooks. They still didn’t have the book for Soc of the Family, but I’ll check this morning.

And, of course, the maintenance guy came yesterday afternoon and fixed the shower and put in new taps….so no more showing with a cup!!!! He said he’d have to come back once the parts come in to do the bathroom sink however. As usual, Cindy had not given him the work order, even though I put a long note in the mail slot early Monday morning (same thing as with the broken mail box….she never gave him the order).

Nathan spent some time last night with his friend Ty but I finally went to bed. He works at 11 today so I’ve got to make his lunch before I catch the bus to campus. Marky woke me up around 2:30 (so I’d only slept like an hour & a half) due to a severe thunderstorm…..Came downstairs – Nathan was home & asleep already. The storm was fierce but didn’t last long; went back to bed until the alarm went off at 6:30….Wishing I could have a few more hours sleep, but….NOT going to be lax this semester like I’ve been in the past. Shooting for a 4.0 this semester….or as close as I can get.

Making a pot of coffee, have to jump in the shower, make his lunch and then get going. There’s a possibility of storms later today, so I’d better make sure my window is closed. Poor baby going to be here all alone….so hope he copes well.


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