Awesome Day – in many respects

Published August 30, 2013 by mamapossum1954

Got an unexpected email from my dear friend Murphy yesterday morning! So….after Lisa picked up Nathan to drive him to work, I jumped in the shower (it is such a blessing to be able to actually shower without a plastic cup!!! 😀 ) and caught the 9:30 bus (once again, it was late…but not as late as it was on Wednesday). Murphy got on at his/her stop 10 minutes later.

Gosh, the weight Murphy has lost since we last spent time together!!!! Looking so HOT!!! Anyway, we got off at the transit center, walked down 7th Street – I made a quick stop at Sheetz for a pack of cigs, then we went to Giant Eagle Express and talked for over an hour over coffee. Really put me in a good mood….an exceptional mood actually.

I don’t know what it is about Murphy…but when we spend time together, even if we talk about depressing stuff (my problems, his/her problems, the sad state of affairs in society, whatever), I just feel so light hearted and content….like a piece of the puzzle that was missing was suddenly put in the proper spot.

NOTE: From here on out, I am going to refer to Murphy as she. It’s only fair and respectful as far as I’m concerned. Yes, I believe in God. Yes, I’m a Christian. Yes, I’m Catholic. Having said that, my opinions and feelings and political leanings have undergone a major transition over the years, especially during my time at IUP. No, it is not – as my most conservative Christian friend Marcia (whom I love dearly) – because I have been brainwashed by the liberal un-Christian educational system! I just feel that I have absolutely no right to judge anyone else. I will not make judgments against people who are different from myself – either as far as gender goes, or sexual orientation, or race, or religion, or whatever. I may not agree with their lifestyle or religion or whatever, but that does not make me care for them any less. Nor does it give me the right to judge them and shove my beliefs down their throats.

I love Murphy for who she is, for how she makes me feel when we spend time together. I can be myself around her. I don’t give a rat’s a** whether she was born having the wrong gender or doesn’t hold the same values as far as belief in God goes.

Okay, I’m off my soapbox for now. Had to get this out there into the ether because it annoys me to want to post things and have to be careful not to use any gender-specific language. I am who I am, and I will fight for the rights of those I care about – whether or not it causes people I know to judge me on my acceptance of others and for them to find me “lacking in morals, values” or whatever.

Enough said.


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