On being kicked when down by “Murphy’s Law”

Published August 30, 2013 by mamapossum1954

In some ways, today was pretty good. I FINALLY got to see my friend Karlee – AND she had her boyfriend with her (I hadn’t officially met him until today). I also got to see John; he was at the weekend orientation at IUP prior to our freshman year in 2009….great guy! Also, I rode with Nathan to Walmart this morning – he said it was “just in case” (that is, if anything happened, I could steer while he pushed). Got there okay and then I caught the green bus to the Oak Grove. Nathan had given me a few dollars, so I got myself a large cinnamon toast coffee at Java City in the library.

Classes were pretty good today….AND my final textbook was in at the book store!! YAY! I’d had this “gut urge” to visit the co-op store before class, but just brushed it off, only to find out from the professor that the book was in. So I went there after class to get it (today being the final day to use financial aid, prior to getting a disbursement).

This afternoon things started going downhill. First, the blue bus (the ONLY bus that goes down our road) was roughly 45 mins. late. I debated whether or not to get off at walmart and go home with Nathan, then decided against it. When I got home, there was an envelope on the door from Cindy, the apt. manager. I’d turned in a copy of my financial aid so she could work out the recertification. WELL……turns out, with my financial aid for this semester plus Nathan’s wages from walmart (worked out for 12 months) added together and then multiplied by .30, with $119 taken off for utility allowance, our rent has gone from $33 per month to $315 per month….which would kill one of Nathan’s checks. He already pays the old rent PLUS the internet PLUS the electricity PLUS gas PLUS cigs PLUS whatever else isn’t covered with food stamps. So that really put my mood in a nose dive.

Then Nathan comes home, finds out about the rent, and HIS mood takes a nose dive! So I’m sitting here, in a really bad mood, feeling very unfriendly towards no one in particular and also pretty antisocial…..If I was still a drinker, I’d probably have several glasses of whatever alcohol I could find that was cheap!!! Not that it would help, mind you. I learned that the hard way in Melbourne.

Anyway, after thinking about it, and also thinking about the money I owe Marcia and the money I owe Barb, plus whatever I’ll have to fork out for the truck, I made the executive decision to NOT attend commencement in December. As Leanne pointed out to me just now on FB, it costs nothing to attend commencement, except for the cap and gown. But that works out to, oh, roughly $60 or $70. And we need a new printer….desperately! I need one for my classes. I also need a new phone card for my tracfone since I only have 1 minute left on it and we don’t have a landline at home. Oh, and plus I’ll have the car insurance due in December.

So that’s the situation at the present moment. “Murphy’s Law” has decided to kick this family when we’re down….and I AM NOT IMPRESSED!!! Getting really sick of this Murphy (NOT my friend Murphy).


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