Day Off for Labor Day

Published September 2, 2013 by mamapossum1954

First week of classes over….and I didn’t miss a day!!!! YAY, me! Giving myself a pat on the back, even though it’s such a trivial thing. All my classes are great, except I really could do with a little less in-class group work (I don’t mind the participation aspect). I’m going to really love Dr. B’s Social Welfare Policy class. Well, I love ALL the classes I’ve had with her. But this one is particularly relevant. I’m going to make an appointment to talk to her during office hours – since welfare policy is one of her areas of expertise, and I want her input about grad school. Of course, I’ll have to talk to the financial aid office to find out if they do give fin. aid for grad students. If so, then I’ll go talk to Dr. Shinberg.

And I’ve decided to go ahead and attend commencement. The cap & gown & tassle are only about $35, so it’s really not that bad. As long as I can get Nathan to attend to see his mother graduate. AND Murphy said she’d attend. If Marcia and Lisa & the family all show up, then I’ll be happy.

Have to write a 2 page observation paper for Social Problems (due Wed. since there are no classes today) about privilege as it relates to me. How I’m going to confine myself to 2 pages and roughly 2-5 sentences per each of the 5 areas of privilege, I have no clue! I’m not only very wordy; I also have alot to say. The paper can’t be anything over 3 pages.


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