Kind of in a funk

Published September 4, 2013 by mamapossum1954

The long weekend passed far too quickly – and naturally I didn’t get anything done; well, except for reading for my classes. Found out that Kim is moving from Melbourne up to Queensland. I guess that’s what put me in a funk. I mean, sure, nothing stays the same. I realize that. And it’s not like I’ve got the money to go over there and visit….It’s the same when I see photos of of Hyattsville and Langley Park, MD (where I grew up & lived until 1982) and hardly anything is the same.

Saw Murphy yesterday morning. I waited outside of McElhaney until she showed up, since I knew that’s where her first class was supposed to be. We didn’t meet up for coffee, since I left late. But we’re meeting for coffee this morning (I’m catching the 8:30 bus). Had to juggle my schedule a bit – like doing Nathan’s laundry last night instead of this morning – but that was no biggey. And I’m supposed to be seeing Karlee around lunch time in the library. Oh! And I have an appointment to talk with Dr. B tomorrow after class. I know I already talked to Dr. H about grad school & got her input (basically she said to talk to Dr. Shinberg), but since social policy is one of Dr. B’s pet passions, I want her input as well. And of course I’ll have to go to financial aid and ask if that covers grad school.

Have to make Nathan’s lunch in a bit and then get dressed. It’s already 7:37!!! So far no missed days!!!


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