I am….

Published September 5, 2013 by mamapossum1954

I am a single mother with a 22 year old son and a black lab mix named Marky.  I am a mature-age, non-traditional college student who is a super senior and hoping to graduate in December 2013. I am a first generation college student. I am an only child. I am white. I am divorced – twice. I am a heterosexual female. I am (chronologically) 58 years old. I am shy and unsure of myself. I am loyal. I am of Polish, Serbian, British, and German ancestry. I am a person who loves to read, listen to classical and cool jazz music, surf the internet, play Farm Town, crochet ripple afghans, do patchwork, I am at times over-emotional; I cry at movies, even though I know it’s make believe. I am Catholic, and Christian, and registered as a Republican. I am sometimes conservative and sometimes liberal in my views on politics and society and life. I am someone who dislikes change. I am someone who enjoys to travel and even lived for over 20 years in Australia. I am complex yet easy to understand. I am afraid of failure and therefore hold myself to higher standards than others. I am someone who despises inequality and racism and other “ism”s. I am someone who tries to open and honest with everyone. I am cynical yet someone who gives love too easily.

You might ask why I wrote the above paragraph. I don’t know. In our Racial & Ethnic Minorities sociology class this week, we had to fill out an exercise describing ourselves. So I decided to expand on that here. I’m sure I forgot some things…my favorite book (there are too many), favorite movie (again, too many), favorite motto (not sure I have one, unless it’s “Everything happens for a reason.”), and many more.

I consider myself well-read and well-educated. I abhor ignorance, inconsideration, rudeness, dishonesty. My pet peeve happens to be people who misspell words…especially people who should know better but are just too lazy to spell things correctly (and I am NOT talking about people with learning disabilities). I enjoy modern technology….in fact, I would be lost without the internet!…At the same time, I consider it a dysfunction of today’s society when everyone (mainly younger people) walk around constantly texting on their phones, utterly oblivious to their surroundings and other people. At times I am outspoken; at other times I don’t speak up when I should.

I have, in the past, been secure in the knowledge that I am not racist or prejudiced. Now, however, I wonder if perhaps I am…simply because I enjoy so many privileges and advantages just because my skin happens to be white. I have always believed, as was raised, that no one is better than anybody else, that all people are equal. Yet, today, that is not the case. Perhaps in believing that I neglect to celebrate each individual’s difference, neglect to celebrate diversity.

I hold strong opinions, some of which are not shared by those closest to me. When I see injustice, I become angry and disillusioned and jump on my soapbox to tell all how wrong that is.


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