Not really much news….

Published September 18, 2013 by mamapossum1954

Shower is still spraying water sideways….there was a “leak” last week (tho not when my son takes a shower), which ended up needing a bucket downstairs (not much water…mainly “drips”). Freaked me out this morning, so I was pretty quick.

On Friday, we didn’t have our Social Problems class as Prof. Sandhoff was feeling ill & losing her voice, so I got to go home early. Same for Monday – she was still sick, so no classes. Then I ended up with a stomach bug & missed classes yesterday.  And, of course, the bi-annual eligibility form for food stamps came in the mail on Monday. Since my son has the day off, he’s going to run me over there to drop off the forms before taking me to class. Hopefully she won’t lose the damn papers for a third time!!!

Nathan got a desk from Staples (his OLD one was (1) old, and (2) falling apart. So we spent one evening putting the thing together (except for the drawers). Looks really nice, and alot bigger than his old one. I looked over the instructions for the 5 shelf bookcase that’s still sitting in the box in my room that we bought from Walmart a few years ago. Looks like a piece of cake compared to the desk!!! Should not be a problem putting that thing together.

Really been in a “funk” lately. Not sure if that’s the correct term, but I’m using it anyway. Not depressed exactly; not sad; not content; not happy; not excited…..just “funky”. Probably a side effect from not having my panic disorder/depression meds, but what can I do?? No insurance; can’t afford to pay for a doctor. We still need to get the repairs done on the truck & pay for insurance by the end of December. I still need to pay Barb. Still need to get my cap & gown for graduation. Not really sure about taking the GRE for grad school since it’s $185. I still need to talk to Dr. Shinberg, though.

Well, so much for that. We have to leave in roughly 45 minutes, so……I’d better get dressed.


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