“New” news

Published September 24, 2013 by mamapossum1954

Ended up at home … again. This time, thanks to Taco Bell. Murphy & I went there yesterday for lunch during my break between classes. I have to admit the Veggie Cantina Bowl was really good (the C&W music, not so much). But for some strange reason, my stomach began acting like a volcano preparing for eruption. Well, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Anyway, in between trips to the loo, I managed to assist Nathan with finishing the cleaning of our apartment for inspection – which occurred this afternoon around 4-ish … for all of 3-5 minutes. Still, at least the place is clean now….even if we did have to make a dash to sprawlmart last night for a new vacuum when the one we had (a Eureka something-or-other) gave up the ghost.

Had the windows open today and it was really nice. But then it got quite chilly about an hour ago (6 pm) so the kitchen and living room ones had to be closed.

Still haven’t managed to find the time to put the drawers together for Nathan’s desk, or the bookcase, but at least we got all the trash out – including the “old” desk and numerous empty boxes we were hanging onto for some reason or other. My next big task will be to empty the microwave table and go through the upstairs linen closet and the downstairs big closet. I want to go through the stuff in my 2 closets as well since I have no clue what most of the stuff is in there. Big job!

Tomorrow I have my telephone interview with my caseworker from the CAO. Hopefully she will not (1) lose/mis-file the paperwork I hand delivered to the office, and (2) our food stamps won’t go down too much due to Nathan’s working.

Oh, and I found out the next GED tests are in the beginning of October. Way too soon for him to be ready unfortunately. Also, he would need adequate time to find someone to cover his shifts those days or else rearrange his schedule through personnel.

Oh, well, there goes my stomach again, so I’ll cut this short.


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